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Today I wrote down your name. Then I captioned it: “My Greatest Wish”!

A friend used to say that desires are to be written. Because man forgets that what he has, has once been his dream and thus, never considers himself lucky!

Today I wrote you down so I’ll know how fortunate I am when I have you: The luckiest man on the world whose greatest wish came true! 🙂


The Ecstasy of Gold

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“Ready… Set… Go!”, the coach calls out. My feet spring against the edge of the diving block, sending me flying towards the sky. I make an arch and then come flying down for the water.

First, the tip of my fingers: They open the water making a widening hole for the rest of my body to enter. It happens all in less than a second but time stretches and I can sense every bit of it distinctively. It’s like the water rolling up the skin of my arms. Then the head and though the legs and torso are still out, I’m officially in! To the world of water. Eyes open, I feel the chill on my head. The cold drives the dark out of my mind and I feel alive like I was as a teenager. Mind at ease, all the other mundane thoughts die out. The rest of me follows my heads through that very same hole my hands came in. I’m home… to the Ecstasy of Gold!



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Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new.

Just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt.



I just saw the movie and wow…

Just a week ago I was telling this friend that we tend to like songs, stories and movies that don’t say nothing new but what we’ve already experienced. That feeling of comfort when you understand that some other human being has gone through what you’re going through, and he/she has survived long enough to write a song about it or make a movie. And boy, did I felt sympathy towards the main character. He’s so lost in cherishing the past, loving the memories: “I still find myself having conversations with her in my mind. Rehashing old arguments and defending myself against the things she said about me.” that he’s just unable to move on. A unique being who can’t just be with a random girl. A man so full of romance and yet alone, that his feelings overflow in his job: writing letters for people who can’t! A job that makes him grow a feminine side! 🙂

I loved each and every frame. Loved the characters, loved the plot, loved the ideas. I saw perfection and for sure, I’m going to watch it again. Recommending it is the least I’m doing! 😉

Peace in pieces

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3 kilometers closer to heavens, much higher than the lights of a city under a rainy sky and firebolts, there’s this place where you’re forced by an unknown to feel the peace. Such a shame if you feel obligated to share the moment, without someone there to even think about…

This is Shirpala and I’m a lover-man!


P.S. the picture was the best I could do with my iPod touch. The real thing was touching!


Written at May 15, midnight, Shirpala’s dormitory


Don’t you know?

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At a well we were, in my dream,

In your chalice, you took the moon from the water

As we drank from that cup, you got to be the lotus,

and I… teardrop of the moon…


And if you get back to me some day,

I’ll bestrew your hair with stars!

O don’t you know, my lovely one,

that my heart bears your love, day and night?


Siavash Kasra’ei



Go, self-destruction!

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A pill to make you numb

A pill to make you dumb

A pill to make you anybody else

But all the drugs in this world can’t save her from herself


My friend looks at me and says, “Love never kills!” and I’m thinking she’s right. It never does.

Even in the greatest romances it’s not love that kills. They all picture a man in his most masochistic sense. A self-destructing being. Love’s just a trigger to set it off.


But then I ask myself, what’s life worth without love. What’s it ever worth without something to fight for? And how can it be handled when you lose what you fought for and poured your very soul on?

The Fallen Rose

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Fragile body of the rose,

that I nurtured with love

and poured my soul on,


It breaks on me…

(Nima Youshij)